About us

ImmoStreet.ch was founded in 2000, belongs to the real estate portal Homegate and is thus part of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Ltd, which has its headquarters in Zurich. Today, more than a thousand commercial real estate providers, brokers and managers rely on the growing reach and appeal of our company – both in French-speaking and in German-speaking Switzerland. On Immostreet.ch, people looking for a new home and those wanting to sell or rent out a property all benefit from the Homegate team’s many years of experience: from its regional market knowledge and innovative prowess to its expertise in technology and marketing.

Maria Fabbi, Commercial Director and contact person for the real estate industry at the Lausanne site, and her team look forward to speaking with you.

Maria Fabbi
Head of Sales
Avenue de la Gare 33
1003 Lausanne

0800 100 123