About us

ImmoStreet.ch, headquartered in Lausanne, is one of Switzerland’s leading real estate portals. It was founded in 2000 and has since established itself as a permanent fixture in digital real estate marketing. Today, more than 1,000 commercial real estate companies, agents and property managers rely on the growing reach of and response to ImmoStreet.ch – both in French-speaking Switzerland and in the German-speaking region.

Homegate AG, a subsidiary of Tamedia and operator of Switzerland’s largest real estate portal, made its first investment in ImmoStreet S.A. in 2012; it acquired 100% of ImmoStreet.ch in April 2016. Since then that acquisition has become an integral part of the Homegate Group and part of Tamedia, Switzerland’s leading media group.

Both those looking to purchase or rent real estate as well as those who have properties on offer benefit from the many years of experience within the ImmoStreet team. This ranges from familiarity with regional markets, their power of innovation as well as the technology and marketing expertise within the Homegate group as a whole.

A team of experts with international experience, located in both Lausanne and Zurich, is continuously working on new features and services for both users and the real estate sector. The ImmoStreet.ch site combines clear, straightforward navigation and an appealing design with top user experience on any end user device. The growing reach throughout Switzerland is proof of the increasing user acceptance and a decisive factor in guaranteeing the long-term added value that ImmoStreet.ch provides for the real estate sector in both the French- and German-speaking sections of Switzerland.

The team, led by Maria Fabbi, Managing Director and contact for the real estate sector at the Lausanne office, looks forward to hearing from you.

Maria Fabbi
Director of Sales
Avenue de la Gare 33
1003 Lausanne

0800 100 123