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Publishing adverts provides you with publishing solutions tailored to your needs.

With an optimised design and exclusive functionalities, the website is the easiest to use, most intuitive and innovative Swiss real estate portal for internet users actively searching for property.

Example of a search for properties in the canton of Zurich



Smart Ads

List your property thanks to a new optimised recommendation engine. Your adverts are disseminated dynamically to a wide and targeted audience.

Reach a new audience by showcasing your properties, specifically aimed at users actively looking for property. The adverts selection is based on users’ search patterns

Draw their attention with a post heading the listing, images that are 30% larger and a gallery of interactive photos

Set yourself apart from your competitors by posting your logo and showcasing your brand on the results and details pages.

Attract the maximum amount of traffic with posts on all the pages in the reserved area and on all devices (PC, smartphone, tablet).

Screenshot Smart Ads provides you with solutions and services to measure the success and help you optimise your adverts.