User account

Setting up a user account with offers you numerous advantages.

The link will take you to the registration page where you can sign up with your e-mail address. Then add your title, first name, last name and set up a password.

You can also register with your Facebook or Google user accounts. To do so, provide your e-mail address along with the password you use to log in to Facebook or Google.


Once you have a user account for, you have the advantage of being able to manage a favourite / watch list from any device. Now, no matter if you log in with a PC or a smartphone, your activities are synchronised so that the steps you take are always visible in your user account and are always up-to-date, no matter which device you use.

A further advantage is that you can set up multiple search subscriptions so you are notified automatically via e-mail when a new ad, which matches your search criteria, has been published. Likewise, by going to the search subscriptions in your user account, you can see a listing of the latest ads published since you last logged in.

Screenshot search subscriptions


When you want to get in touch with someone who has placed an ad, all the details in the contact form are already filled in thanks to the information in your user account. You can update this information at any time as needed. You can also see who you have already contacted on which ads.

Screenshot contacts


Of course, working in your user account it is easy to create, save and manage ads yourself. You can also edit existing ads at a later point in time and publish them again.

Screenshot my ads